Becoming A Corporate Partner

Barkley Calkins

Suicide is a crisis in the United States. It affects everyone at one time or another, regardless of background. Suicide leaves pain and moral injury in its wake. It affects family, friends, and the greater community. We have a suicidal crisis in this country. When your employees themselves have suicidal ideation, you may be the difference between life and death.

The research being done on the Heroes to Heroes program by Dr. Joseph Currier, a reknowned expert in moral injury and PTSD, is showing that connection is crucial to stop suicide. Connection to our Creator, our families, friends, and co-workers are crucial to getting through the tough times. The isolation due to COVID-19 is causing depression and anxiety. Being unable to visit family members before they passed from this horrific virus causes moral injury.

Become a corporate partner and get your employees involved! You will save veterans’ lives while possibly doing the same for an employee who may be suffering in silence. The example our veterans show may help an employee choose life. While you are saving veterans’ lives, you can be saving those who are closest to you. You can get involved by:

  1. Sponsoring a veteran – Let a veteran know you care by sponsoring their Heroes to Heroes journey ($10,000). Includes:
    Meet and greet with veteran
    Updates from veteran throughout the journey
    Lunch and learn with your sponsored veteran post-journey
    Souvenir photo book from the veteran’s journey to Israel
  2. Sponsor a Heroes to Heroes’ team’s sendoff in the New York Area ($7,500)
    Employees will greet the team at New York Area airport hotel (either JFK or Newark)
    Employees will be invited to both dinner and breakfast with the veterans prior to departure
    Sponsor provides welcome snacks to all veterans
    Sponsor receives a photo book from the team’s journey to Israel
  3. Sponsor a Heroes to Heroes’ Spouses program ($25,000 per)
    Provides a weekend for the team’s spouses to connect and learn about their significant other’s trauma
    Prepares spouses to welcome their significant others home after their journey to Israel
    Employee volunteers will be enlisted to help Heroes to Heroes alumni (who host the program) plan the weekend and special events
  4. Sponsor a Post-Journey Reunion  ($25,000)
    Each region has an in-person two day reunion designed to connect Heroes to Heroes alumni and expand support systems
    Employee volunteers will be enlisted to help plan and coordinate the weekend’s activities
    Heroes to Heroes will train volunteers prior to weekend reunions
  5. Sponsor Post-Journey Campus Speaking engagements ($15,000 annually)
    Veterans speak about their experience in war, returning home, and their healing process on college campuses around the country
    Focus is on suicide-prevention and reaching as many students as possible with the message of connection
    Sponsor will be featured at all speaking engagements
  6. Sponsor an entire team ($150,000)
    Includes all of the above including the journey to Israel
    Team naming rates
    Corporate CEO and Spouse/SO join the team on their journey
    All social media, PR, Broadcast media, and promotional items will include logo and/or sponsor mention
    Sponsorship remains throughout the team’s program (minimum of one year)


Heroes To Heroes Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation.

Beyond those ideas the Board of Heroes to Heroes is open to any other outside-of-the-box fundraising ideas that your company might have that can help us with achieving our mission and help you achieve your philanthropic goals!

What is your next step?

We would love the opportunity to have a conversation to tell you more about Heroes to Heroes, answer any questions that you might have and to determine if this charity is a good fit for your company.
You can reach out to us by phone or by email by reaching out to the following contacts or by filling-out the form below:
Judy Isaacson Elias, Founder (201) 851-2409
Michael Haltman, Board Chair (516) 741-4723