Our Story

Friends of our wounded veterans,

Growing up as a daughter of Master Sergeant Irving M. Isaacson, a proud veteran of World War II and a volunteer with disabled veterans until his passing (in 2001) I was raised to be proud and respectful of our military and those who fight to preserve our freedoms.

After my father’s passing I felt a strong pull to continue his work with disabled veterans. This purpose was defined during a trip to Walter Reed Medical Center. The young men and women we visited have such a strong sense of belief, purpose, and duty. In spite of their injuries they wanted to go back into battle to complete the goal that they had set out to accomplish. How could we possibly find the right words to thank these young heroes, not just for their tremendous sacrifice for our freedom but, also, for giving us the opportunity to give something back to them, in gratitude for their commitment and service?

Following our visit we learned that once these men and women leave the protection of the hospital and rehabilitative facilities (and the notice of their fellow Americans), many of them end up lost and alone. After listening to their stories, and learning of their challenges, we realized that something has to be done to make sure that these men and women are given the tools and resources necessary to make their transition to civilian life clean, clear, direct and purposeful.

Heroes To Heroes was built from our desire to help American disabled veterans from all walks of life who are struggling to re-enter civilian life. After studying the many available programs we wanted to offer something different, an experience of a lifetime, one that will allow our disabled veterans access to a different perspective about their service, to explore their spiritual roots, to develop an international support system, and to gain some insight into using their military experience for private sector employment.

The Heroes To Heroes journey to Israel is our way of saying thank you and of giving American disabled veterans ten days of education, personal exploration, fun, and connections, with a lifetime of international peer support to follow. A few hours in Walter Reed changed our lives. Maybe Heroes to Heroes will change theirs. We are looking forward to serving our veterans and can’t thank them enough for this opportunity.

Our veterans need your support. Please help by making a donation to support our trips and alumni programs. For many American disabled veterans, all it may take is a friendship, an idea, a kind word, a solid explanation, or that ‘ah ha’ moment that Heroes To Heroes is looking to provide. Please help them rebuild and give them the transition they deserve.