Governor Mike and Janet Huckabee
Honorary National Chairpersons



George Birnbaum – A longtime foreign policy expert and political strategist, George Birnbaum is a former chief of staff to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and who has more than fifteen years of experience consulting with leaders across Europe and Middle East. His work with three different Israeli Prime Ministers (Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Olmert and Ariel Sharon) has given him tremendous insight into Middle Eastern affairs, including the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and counter-terrorism policies.

Barkley Calkins – Director of the Nonprofit Sector Resource Institute, a funded arm of the Center for Public Service at Seton Hall University.

Alon Ben Gurion – Grand-son of David Ben-Gurion, Alon is a hospitality executive with proven leadership in hotels, sales, revenue management, rooms operations, and food and beverage management in the United States and worldwide.

Carl Higbie – A U.S. Navy SEAL during two deployments in Iraq , Carl Higbie saw dozens of combat missions and was decorated with valor in leadership positions. Today Carl works tirelessly challenging those who wish to weaken, diminish or down-sell our great country. As when he was a SEAL when his duty was to defend every American’s rights abroad and domestically, now his duty has evolved to to embody a living declaration of what all Americans can and should do for themselves, with love, respect and honor for this country.

Brigadier General Gal Hirsch – Israeli Brigadier general who commanded the 91st Division of Israel Defense Forces during the 2006 Lebanon War.

Joe Korn – Partner at Garden Homes Development, a private national Real Estate Development Company. He is a member of Jewish National Funds (JNF) New Jersey Board, President’s Society and Century Council.

Burgess Owens – Known in part for his outstanding career as a member of the University of Miami football program (Hall of Fame, Ring of Honor) and the Super Bowl ring earned as a member of the Oakland Raiders, Burgess is also a nationally known motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur.

Russell Robinson – CEO, Jewish National Fund (JNF), Russell became the youngest CEO in JNF’s history and he works tirelessly, traveling around the country and visiting Israel almost every month to ensure JNF’s vision is more relevant and meaningful today than ever before.