Heroes to Heroes Journey – Day 7-10

I am combining these days since, aside from touring, we began to say goodbye. We spent time with soldiers on their bases in the Golan. We arrived with gifts of shampoo, cookies, snacks, Heroes to Heroes coins and pins, and smiles to greet the exhausted soldiers. We looked down on Kunetra and small villages and […]

Heroes to Heroes Journey – Day 6

“Since the day I landed in Israel I felt safe again. The history of this country and its people is amazing. I’ve been walking through history and have been able to touch it. It’s humbled me and inspired me, something I haven’t felt in a long time. Judy is an angel for soldiers like me […]

Heroes to Heroes Journey to Israel – Day 5

Shabbat, a day in Israel where things slow down, no work is done, and people take the time to enjoy their families. Religious Jews all over the world observe Shabbat, taking time off from everything and spending time with family and friends at home and in Synagogue. The Heroes to Heroes team took part in […]

Heroes to Heroes Journey to Israel – Day 4

First stop Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum that is visited by every head of state who visits Israel. One of our participants broke down “I can’t stand the hate. How can people do this to one another?” He broke down in tears, needing to take a break since so many emotions rode to the surface. […]

Heroes to Heroes Journey to Israel – Day 3

Today started at Ammunition Hill, a ceremonial grounds and monument to the paratroopers who took the Old City during the Six-day war in 1967. We were privileged to witness the induction of Israeli soldiers into a paratrooper unit. Anthony, a participant from Maine, sat next to a parent who was visiting from the United States. […]

Israel Journey Day 2

There’s nothing like waking up and heading straight to the Old City of Jerusalem. The sky is blue, the weather is warm, the trees and flowers are in bloom and they show off their colors against the stones of gold. The entire city looks like a painting. The colors are so vivid they bring tears […]

Team 5 – First day in Israel

What an incredible day! We landed this morning just before 7am, met Daniel our guide, and got right on the road. Our first stop was the 9/11 Memorial in Jerusalem. It’s so beautiful and touching. Every American who was killed on that horrific day is represented permanently by name. We lit candles and took time […]

Heroes to Heroes helps wounded US vets recover

Original post by Margaret Price on The Christian Science Monitor. He’d suffered from nightmares and had used alcohol to blot out depression. After leaving Iraq as a wounded soldier in 2004, Harrison Manyoma of Humble, Texas, remained haunted by his experiences, which had culminated in a roadside car bomb explosion. And then, last year, through another veterans’ program, […]