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BHI (Bank Hapoalim International)

Global yet Personal

BHI (Bank Hapoalim International), the private banking service of Bank Hapoalim – is distinctively positioned to deliver superior service. As a mid-size bank, we are able to offer highly personalized services tailored to the needs of clients of different risk profiles, geographies and investment objectives. Representing the private banking activity of a global bank, with a presence in the key financial capitals, BHI is universal in its outlook and capabilities. Dedicated to long-term relationships with clients, BHI is known for its integrity, discretion and professionalism.

Global investment opportunities are delivered to clients through highly trained Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) who are available at the bank’s branches for advisory services, reporting and related needs. The CRMs are not only your access to professional portfolio management, investment products and services, they also assist in identifying opportunities and developments. We tailor our services to your preferred communications channels and information, keeping you in the picture while maintaining total discretion.

Poalim Asset Management, headquartered in London, is a key tool for servicing our clients, investing and analyzing market trends and opportunities, and developing relationships and product access with the world’s leading investment firms

We invite you to explore how a BHI CRM can introduce you to our products, services and universal portfolio management capabilities in order to promote your investment goals.

* Services and products are subject to local laws and regulations and may not be offered in each jurisdiction.

Rita Greenberg

The Rita Greenberg Memorial Fund will fund a roundtrip flight to Israel for one veteran per year.

Rita Greenberg grew up poor and struggled for most of her life, both economically as well as with her health. She had a very strong spirit and had compassion for those that struggled as she had. It is in her spirit that a fund has been created to help those veterans struggling to both conquer their “demons” and to mainstream into a “normal” life as soon as possible. This fund will pay for the cost of transportation of a veteran to travel to Israel in an attempt to become “whole” again. It would be a lasting legacy to her memory if this “memorial fund” helped one human being achieve peace and normalcy in their lives.