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THE POWER OF TOGETHER: Heroes to Heroes prevents veteran suicide by healing souls through forgiveness and peace. Our 12-month journeys guide our most vulnerable veterans from suicidal ideation to community reintegration. Join us.

Join the journey
to reconnect to faith,
rebuild hope, reveal purpose,
find belonging and peace.

Join the journey
to reconnect to faith,
rebuild hope,
reveal purpose,
find belonging and peace.

The Power of Together: Using the power of connection to God and God’s land of Israel and to one another, to heal our veterans’ souls and help them find forgiveness and their way back to faith.

Heroes to Heroes: By the Numbers

Taking part in a 12-month peer support, curriculum-based program that includes values exploration, goal-setting, 10 days in Israel, and community reintegration support and planning, gives our combat veterans who suffer from moral injury, the direction they need to choose life.

13 years serving our veterans
Over 350 veterans served
Research-based, 12-month curriculum
4-Star rating on Charity Navigator
The Power of Together

Together, we can help combat veterans navigate moral injury and PTSD.

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Jonathan's Journey

Jonathan’s Journey
from self-destructive behavior
to Community Reintegration

After returning from the military, I spent my time drinking, partying, and using medical marijuana to stop the thoughts. It was my way of self-medicating to stop anxiety, depression, PTSD. None of it worked, one day I drove home drunk. I thought of hanging myself in the garage. I am not sure why, but I decided to go to bed and the next morning I just thought. What was I thinking, this needs to stop. But, how exactly? I did regular therapy, EMDR Therapy and then started to go to Church. That is when it hit me, it was God. That is the truthful answer. Then I heard about Heroes to Heroes from friends who had participated in the program. And here I am today, almost 2 years later and very thankful for it.

I enjoyed connecting with my fellow veterans during our team meetings before the journey to Israel. I learned more about myself, in preparation for real healing. Walking with Jesus in Israel can never be replicated. To be in the Holyland with Veterans going through the same trauma made me realize I am not alone. Knowing that there is a Higher Power always walking with me made it more powerful and meaningful.

Here I am today, 2 years later, training to be a Heroes to Heroes coach and I am thankful for it.