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Cliff Nolan - RIP

Heroes to Heroes Foundation mourns the passing of Cliff Nolan, co-Founder and Board Member. Cliff dedicated his life to helping others, with a special place for our most vulnerable veterans. His unwavering support led to our founding. Many lives and families have been saved through Heroes To Heroes since its founding in 2010. Cliff was always there for our veterans and staff. His desire to help others and get things done made him an integral part of the team. His memory will be a blessing to so many.

Michael Haltman
Chairman of the Board

Judy Isaacson Elias
Co-Founder and President

What is Moral Injury?

Moral injury is defined as the damage done to one’s conscience or moral compass when that person perpetrates, witnesses, or fails to prevent acts that transgress their own moral and ethical values or code of conduct.

The Heroes to Heroes Foundation serves all combat veterans, regardless of conflict.