Our Program

Our Program

Our Mission

To address the unseen moral injury, guilt, and shame of combat veterans by fostering reconnection to faith, rebuilding hope, revealing purpose, and guiding them toward belonging and peace.


What We Do and Who We Serve

The Heroes to Heroes Foundation serves all combat veterans, regardless of faith and regardless of conflict. Our curriculum and research-based program includes goal-setting, values exploration, navigating the civilian world, spiritual reconnection, and community reintegration over the course of 12 months. The cornerstone program includes a 10-day journey to Israel, the Holy Land, which allows veterans to better reconnect with their faith to find forgiveness in an unashamed manner.

Our program includes also unique services for family members and veterans’ spouses, such as the Heroes to Heroes Family Program which is available online live in both English and Spanish. We also provide alumni programs, events, and opportunities post-program that promote togetherness and offer ongoing support for veterans.


Our program also includes Support that Stays with you

Heroes to Heroes believes in a holistic approach, which includes a lifetime of healing for our veterans.

Heroes to Heroes Alumni iincludes an online chat 24/7 and monthly online events. Alumni are all welcome to attend all Heroes to Heroes events.

Heroes to Heroes Campus gives alumni the opportunity to tell their stories to college students on campuses throughout the country.

Our post-journey programs include:


Our Commitment to our Veterans

At Heroes to Heroes, we provide a judgment-free environment that offers acceptance, understanding, and unconditional support. We also offer time for self-reflection, free exchange of thoughts and ideas, freedom of worship, and safety of person and thought.


The cost to participants includes a $500.00 program fee for the 12-month journey. If you are taking the journey to Israel, your Passport is required and it must have an expiration date of six months or more post-journey. For both the Israel and domestic program, you must provide your own airfare to meet the team at the retreat or, if traveling to Israel, at the U.S. point of departure to Israel (usually either EWR (Newark Liberty, NJ), JFK (New York)). The domestic retreat is all inclusive. Participants are required to purchase their own lunches and incidentals/gifts while in Israel (all other food is included). Other costs are generously covered by donations to Heroes to Heroes, allowing you to participate in this life-changing journey.

Together We Heal
Choosing Your Journey

Heroes to Heroes offers three distinct journey options for its participants. All options require an 12-month commitment; however, each offers a unique experience tailored to the individual needs of the veteran.

Option #1

The traditional Heroes to Heroes program includes a 10-day spiritual journey to Israel, as well as an 12-month virtual curriculum-based program.

Option #2

The Heroes to Heroes’ 12-month virtual curriculum-based program, accompanied by a domestic weekend retreat.

Option #3

An entirely virtual 12-month Heroes to Heroes program

No matter which option you choose, the core of all three programs is to build a small team of veterans for an emotional and spiritual journey that will help you heal from trauma and resume your lives.


Participant Qualifications

If you are interested in applying to one of these journeys, you must meet certain qualifications:

For IDF veterans interested in volunteering, you must also be proficient in conversational
English, able to travel with the team for the 10 days of the journey in Israel, be a good ambassador for Israel and take part in the full program in Israel for 12-months.

Apply now for your chance to be part of this life-changing program. Together, we heal!