Our Program

Heroes to Heroes provides the journey home. Through our three-year and beyond supervised program, veterans connect with their emotions, faith, family, peers, and nation. We are a non-denominational 501(c)(3) organization, providing emotional and spiritual healing, suicide prevention, and peer support for veterans who suffer from Moral Injury.

Who We Serve
The Heroes to Heroes Foundation serves all combat veterans, regardless of conflict. Veterans of Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq have all participated in our program. We welcome all who are having challenges with Moral Injury, or having challenges returning to civilian life after their time serving our country.

What We Do
The Heroes to Heroes program takes place in teams of twelve veterans in three annual phases:
1. Journey to Emotional Strength focuses on building trust, allowing oneself to 'feel' again, and learning how to communicate with the civilians we love. Participants also focus on navigating the civilian world. All participants/teams follow a twelve month curriculum.
2. Journey to Spiritual Strength begins with a 10-day faith discovery journey to the Holy Land, Israel. The journey to Israel is the ideal tool to find reconnection to spirituality/Faith/God, find forgiveness, and help bring faith and peace into ones life. The Journey to Spiritual Strength continues in the United States with a solid curriculum that involves both individual and team work.
3. Journey to Action in year three focuses on setting up a personal action plan and getting involved in the community, whether within Heroes to Heroes or outside. Your coaches will help you get there.
4. Journey for a Lifetime - continue in the Heroes to Heroes alumni program. Take part in ongoing programs, online and in person. Get involved in Heroes to Heroes programs including:

a. Heroes to Heroes University - speak to students across the country about your experience

b. Heroes to Heroes Family - coach spouses and family members on how to navigate life with the veteran they love

c. Heroes to Heroes Coaching - coach a team through their three-year journey

d. Heroes to Heroes Events - plan and carry out events for your fellow veterans and their families

e. Heroes to Heroes alumni - be part of this 24/7 chat. As a team, we make sure no one is left behind.

What You Can Expect

We provide you with a judgement-free environment, acceptance, time for self, free exchange of thoughts and ideas, freedom of worship, safety of thought and person, understanding, and unconditional support. Come for a visit, stay for a lifetime.
The only cost to participants for the three year program is for the Journey to Spiritual Discovery to Israel. The costs incurred by each veteran are the following: U.S. Passport or country of citizenship (must have an expiration date of six months or more post-journey), airfare to meet the team at the U.S. point of departure to Israel (usually either EWR (Newark Liberty, NJ), JFK (New York), lunches while in Israel (we cover all other food) and incidentals/gifts. All other costs are paid for by generous donations to Heroes to Heroes.