Providing spiritual healing and peer support for American Combat Veterans

Heroes to Heroes Foundation provides spiritual healing and peer support for American Combat Veterans who have attempted suicide or are on a path to self-destruction due to moral injury. Participants report feelings of peace and a new sense of purpose. Solid peer support groups are formed, giving participants a sense of family and connectedness that lasts a lifetime.

Our mission

American Combat Veterans Who Have Been Deployed to Any Conflict

If you are experiencing any of the following:

Heroes to Heroes provides an 18-month journey that begins as you and your teammates work individually and together to set goals, explore values, and prepare for your spiritual journey to Israel. The 10-day journey to Israel is designed to help you reconnect or build a stronger bond with your Creator or Spiritual Being. The journey continues at home with spiritual reinforcement and planning for complete community reintegration.

Our mission

You Qualify if You Have the Following:

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How to apply

All applications are online. Please click on the button below and complete the application. Within 2 weeks, you will hear  from an intake coordinator to get you started on your journey.