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The heroes to heroes journey

Heroes to Heroes provides a comprehensive 12-month journey designed to help combat veterans reconnect to faith, rebuild hope, reveal your purpose, and find a place of belonging and peace. We offer the program both local in person and virtually. Veterans work together in teams of five. Teams meet twice a month and each veteran has a one-on-one with their coach. Written assignments are required and can be completed in your native language.

Heroes to Heroes is nondenominational. We accept veterans of all faiths and beliefs.

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Heroes to Heroes program

Option 1

Traditional Heroes to Heroes program. 12-month curriculum-based virtual team meetings with 10-day journey to israel.

Option 2

12-month virtual curriculum based program with A domestic weekend retreat for team building.

Option 3

12-month entirely virtual curriculum-based program.

Our mission


Israel (IDF Veteran) volunteers are expected to be fluent in English, willing to travel with the team uninterrupted for the 10-days of the journey in Israel, and to take part in all meetings/assignments in Israel. IDF veterans continue to work with the team post-Israel journey. Thank you for the chance to be of service. Together we heal.