Heroes to Heroes Journey – Day 6

“Since the day I landed in Israel I felt safe again. The history of this country and its people is amazing. I’ve been walking through history and have been able to touch it. It’s humbled me and inspired me, something I haven’t felt in a long time. Judy is an angel for soldiers like me and this program is life-changing. I wish there were more people like her in this world! This program has helped me find peace and meaning.” (Sgt. Anthony Webster, Recon – Maine)

“I have learned a lot from this trip. One of the best things has happened…meeting a Vietnamese who was in Vietnam 45 years ago when I turned 21. As far as I know I never met him but it helped me to put closure on the Vietnam War. I don’t know what side he was on but that makes no difference now.” (Danny Joe Pauley, West Virginia)

Starting the day with a beautiful Baptism in the River Jordan and ending the day with visits to two Army bases brought out so much emotion and helped our veterans find closure. Whether the closure is spiritual, emotional, or social, it is an important move forward. Heroes to Heroes’ goal is to help open that door. We’re happy to see that door beginning to open.