The Power of Together

Heroes to Heroes stops veteran suicide by healing souls through finding forgiveness and peace. Our 18-month journeys take our most vulnerable veterans from suicidal ideation to community reintegration. Join us.

Heroes to Heroes:
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Taking part in an 18-month peer support, curriculum-based program that includes values exploration, goal-setting, 10 days in Israel, and community reintegration support and planning, gives our combat veterans who suffer from moral injury, the direction they need to choose life.

13 years serving our veterans
Over 350 veterans served
Research-based, 18-month curriculum
4-Star rating on Charity Navigator
The Power of Together

Together, we can help combat veterans navigate moral injury and PTSD.

We are rated 4-Star by Charity Navigator

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Steven’s Journey

Steven had four suicide attempts

His parents knew it was a matter of time before they lost him. As a Ranger with multiple deplyments to Iraq and Afghanistan, they knew he had seen and done too much. Desperate to help their son, they drove him 19 hours to meet his team in Newark, NJ. They knew, if dropped at the airport, he would not go himself.

Steven arrived at Newark very nervous and disconnected. After a few hours with his brothers, he began to connect with his team. It was not until completing a tour of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem that Steven was ready to speak. He then declared, “I just learned that I am a soldier, not a murderer.” At that point, Steven told his story for the first time. He had done the right thing and saved his battle buddy from an insurgent. He later found at that the insurgent was 10-years old.

Steven then planted a tree in the JNF National Forest in memory of that child. The night after the tree planting, Steven slept for the first time. During the next day’s visit to Bethlehem, he was able to pray. Steven had found forgiveness and was able to forgive himself.

Steven currently works at as a manager at a major retailer. He has found purpose and,
thanks to your generosity, made the decision to live.

Together We Can Change Lives

Heroes to Heroes aims for a future where all veterans suffering from moral injury, PTSD, and related trauma have the opportunity to heal, reclaim their faith, and reintegrate into their communities with greater purpose and fulfillment.

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Our Mission

Empowering Veterans with Spiritual Healing and Peer Support

Heroes to Heroes is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering our veterans with the emotional and spiritual support they need to heal from moral injury and PTSD. Through a unique 18-month program that includes values exploration, a spiritual journey, and community integration tools, we are devoted to helping veterans move from suicidal ideation to successfully reintegrating into the community.

Moral injury is defined as the psychological and emotional damage experienced when someone acts in a way that goes against their ethical code or moral values. This concept is particularly relevant to those in the military, who often find themselves making difficult decisions that can go against their beliefs.

Moral injury is defined as the damage done to one’s conscience or moral compass

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