The Power of Together

Join us and become a hero!

If you're tired of feeling sad and angry, it's time to take action. All individuals who are interested in being in the company of heroes are welcome to be part of our team

Become a Hero by joining a Community of American combat Veterans and civilians dedicated to telling the real story of the war on Israel. Help Americans understand the difference between good and evil. Expose the lies of Hamas and their allies. Stop the war on people of faith. Bring light into the world.

Collaborate with the community of over 400 American combat veterans

Collaborate with the community of over 400 American combat veterans who have traveled Israel with their IDF counterparts on a Heroes to Heroes journey. They feel a great debt to Israel and her people and need your help to pay that debt. You will be an essential part of a work group that will use social media as a platform to win the war on American and Judeo-Christian values. Using the POWER OF TOGETHER, we can accurately convey the reality of the conflict to the American public. Join us and become a hero!

Join the Power of Together Movement and Make a Difference for Generations to Come!

We’re looking for individuals with a strong desire to create positive change that will impact future generations. By participating in our international campaign, you’ll be part of a fun and engaging effort to shift perspectives on the war on Israel, the Jewish people, faith, and evil. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win prizes and contribute to the healing of American and IDF veterans. Don’t miss out on our upcoming introductory meetings scheduled over the next two weeks.

To work alongside our heroes to make a difference or for more information, send an email to or call 1-877-3HELPAHERO.

What Is Heroes To Heroes?

We are a spiritual healing and peer support program for American and IDF combat veterans of all faiths who suffer from moral injury and suicidal ideation.

What We Offer

We provide a 12-month curriculum-based program that includes a 10-day journey to Israel where our heroes explore their faith where it all began.

Our Values

We believe that connection to our Creator and faith is the basis for healing from moral injury and many mental health challenges.

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